Thursday, September 13, 2007

radio sententia -- Estrella Morente

I discovered Estrella Morente after I moved back from Spain, although I was already familiar with her father's music. She is a great, soulful flamenco singer who is both very traditional and very individual in style. Here she is, accompanied, apparently, by some Portuguese musicians:

She's from Granada and is married to a bullfighter! That's hardcore!

This next song is one of my favorites. The video is just still photos:

The first flamenco singer I ever got into (I bought a cassette of his songs outside the Madrid bullring) was the great Pepe Marchena. I always found the delicacy of his voice and style to be extremely moving:

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cowboyangel said...

Now those are some voices.

The first Estrella video sounds a little too much like she's doing Teresa Salgueiro from Madredeus to me. I guess it's the Portugese infuence. Actually, the other song also sounds more Portugese than typically flamenco. Does she have Portugese connections? And in both, I hear echoes of Arabic music. Interesting. I know more about her than I've actually listened to her music. This definitely makes me want to get some of her stuff.

Unfortunate, though, that she has to be so unattractive. :-)

I want Marchena's hat.

See, this is why you're infinitely cooler than me. You get into Spanish music buying a Pepe Marchena cassette outside a bullring in Madrid. I go to Spain, and I wind up buying Duncan Dhu at El Corte Ingles.