Friday, September 14, 2007

Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross

According to sitemeter, people have been visiting s&c from all over the world (Malta, India, Ireland, Australia) looking for information on today's feast, and reading my post from last year. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Frank, remember with the broken foot. Uncle Jack is still going which is a surprise but he just laughs. Says we will be here someday.In our catholic class we talked abbout impur thoughts. We know you think we're sex fines byr we have questions. We told you the teacher was a former school teacher of ours. Uncle jack said we should ask you, but we are embarassd on the internet. Could you recommend a book about what catholics think about sex and stuff. Alice said we could have it sent to her house. She jokes and says in a brown paper wrapper. I think Uncle Jack and Alice know more than they say. we think they were kind of wild once,.So if their is such a book could you give us the name. We would like it to say more than about impure thoughts. Frank,Glenn, Brett. Thanks

Liam said...

Guys -- I'm very busy right now, so I'll quickly recommend "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Catholicism" by Bob Gorman and Mary Faulkner. It is a good more or less liberal introduction to a lot of different topics.

Anonymous said...

Thanx. Frank, Glenn, Brett. We can buy that in bookstore without hiding.We hope you understand our point about being embarass at times. Thanks again.