Wednesday, July 20, 2005

St Expeditus, the patron saint of procrastinators. The word on the cross he's holding is "hodie," Latin for "today."

I started a post about the new supreme court nominee and then abandoned it. I'm still trying to decide what I want this blog to be. Do I want a specific voice, a constant tone? Probably not, that is nothing like what actually happens inside my head. Still, I do want to be careful. Speaking about politics could send me raging, and who cares about my rants and grunts? I promise not to use profanity. In English at any rate.

Quickly, though, this Roberts fellow is something of a mystery, mainly because he hasn't been a judge very long. The general feeling is that he does not have the ideological stubbornness of Thomas and Scalia, but he is conservative through and through. The left might well mess things up during the confirmation by only concentrating on Roe vs Wade, which admittedly is very important, but which could suck all the attention from more general questions of individual rights. One this that worries me is that James Dobson likes him. He probably knows something that we don't.

Am I too partisan? Yes. If a Republican congressman like the testa di cazzo Tom Tancredo can suggest bombing Mecca without anyone from his own party distancing themselves from his remarks, I will happily situate myself on the other side of the room.

Enough politics. I promise not to make this just another blog stuffed with bile. And least not too much.


Roger said...

I like a bit of political rants and narcissism is the "hot shit" of blogging, cuz.

I am of the belief that Are the Norwegian was invented by you for self dialogue.

Liam said...

Are is all too real. Click on his name and see his blog in the Norwegian language. Why don't you blog, o primo mio?

Roger said...

Liam, i direct you to, where I and my friends make idiots of ourselves all to often. Also, if Haley hasn't sent it to you yet, check out his personal blog at
And then there's Emily's:, where all the juicy details of her life are posted beneath pornographic titles and where everyone of my friends who ever had designs on running for public office are scandalously shown for the lushes they really are over and over again in several albums of horror and debauchery.

hugo said...

fearing to be a little "off-topic", i'll tell you that i love to know that you still use that wonderful expression, testa di cazzo, that fits so well in certain cases. here in sicily, we use the dialect variant testa di minchia, that is how we say cazzo.

Henri Beauregard said...

I second master Liam's call to blog. Oh prio mimo, think of all those lovely shots of Salta, Mendocino bodegas... Regale us!