Wednesday, July 27, 2005


New Yorkers in July.

I'm fairly tough when it comes to heat. I've enjoyed August nights in Madrid and the blaring summer sun in the deserts of Southern Utah. But there is nothing as foul as sticky New York 95 degree torture. According to the weather, the heat index today will be 110 ten degrees. At this point the weather takes on a malevolent and perverse personality. It is not around you, it is in you. Scorching in your lungs, slimy in your skin, heavy in your muscles. At first it is merely annoying. The gallons of sweat soaking your clothes, the shower rendered ineffective in the instant the freezing water is turned off, the weight of the hot wet air. Then it becomes oppressive and a sense of foreboding clutches your heart. The bright sky and blaring sun are covered with a leaden sheet that seems to press down like a milling stone, crushing every last spark of vitality you still may have. Near-psychotic grumpiness is tempered only by overwhelming inertia. Here in New York City we have already begun our time in purgatory.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, yes, this is as close to purgatory as my raised-a-protestant brain can fathom! Having returned last night from blissfully cool (mid-70s) Scandinavia, the blast hitting us at the terminal door felt especially unwanted. Glad I'm not the only one having trouble with the weather. --Eppu

Jill said...

Feel free to use any of my band names, but you know, just give credit were credit is due..