Friday, October 19, 2007

my email to my senator

The Judgment of Solomon. English, thirteenth century.

Dear Senator Schumer,

Reading today about Mr. Mukasey's testimony before your committee, I was dismayed to see he shares some of the same misguided ideas about torture and presidential power being above the law that have led to some of the worse excesses of this administration. I am sure Mr. Mukasey is a fine man and I know you have spoken well about him in the past, but I urge you to vote against his confirmation and insist that the president nominate someone who is clear and passionate in his commitment to the balance of constitutional powers and the most basic human rights.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

working working working

I'm still working too hard to post anything extensive, but here's an animated version of my favorite comic book, the Bayeux Tapestry:

You can make your own Bayeux Tapestry story here.

Also: although the BT is my favorite comic book, it does not feature my favorite superhero, Detective Chimp.