Monday, January 19, 2009

manhattan snowfall

Days like these the light becomes muted and the colors only whisper. Tree branches and cornices are outlined in white and you see how harmonious the edges of things are here. Briefly, the city feigns an air of something like serenity and softness and for an hour you forgive it its unforgiving winters.


cowboyangel said...

Nice text and images. I always loved New York in the snow, even the outer boroughs like Manhattan. :-)

It's been pretty in Port Jefferson as well. Snow is great. As long as you don't have to drive in it.

Liam said...

Thanks. Of course, tomorrow we get the huge unavoidable puddles of ice and filth.

Deloney said...

As we do here. Slush and mush.

I'm glad you're alive and well and still kicking, Liam. I love the pics. Keep your chin above water, mate.

crystal said...

This is a poem too :)