Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Romanesque Zamora

More fun with Windows Movie Maker. Now with a wee bit of video. To see it full screen, go to the youtube page.


Garpu said...

Ooh nice! One of these days I'd like to see Spain without walking pneumonia or a conference.

Liam said...

What about a walking conference? Say, along the Camino de Santiago?

Garpu said...

That would be awesome...I'd love to do that someday. And I'd have to drag the Frood with, because it's one hell of a way to see Spain and France.

crystal said...

Hee hee! Beerdonkey Productions - is that from your list of band names? That's great, Liam - is that how you are when you teach class?

I'm trying to make a new one too - pics of Ignatius as his feast day is coming up. With I had a video camera so I could alos add video like yours. Anyway, you've inspired me again :)

Liam said...

Hi Crystal,

Actually, the first time William went on the Camino de Santiago, I mentioned that if I were to do it, I would need two donkeys, one for my stuff and one for the beer. The beerdonkey concept was born and has since prospered.

I think when I teach I'm a little more dynamic -- I don't need to stare into the camera.

I'm glad you're inspired -- the slideshows are fun.

Garpu said...

Yup. Can't have a pilgrimage without the beer.

cowboyangel said...

Hey, wait a minute, I thought I said we needed a beer donkey on the camino. I can see we're going to run into a massive legal battle over this one. You owe me half the royalties from your slideshow!

Very cool. Glad to see that the pressure to finish your dissertation has suddenly inspired you into filmmaking. Now we just need to get back to Misterioso. Seriously.

Zamora was one city I never went to - maybe because the name has bad connotations for me involving some mean neighbors when I was growing up.

Like the cat in the plaza.

Liam said...

William, I'm not sure exactly how it came out, but I do know that the beerdonkey concept was a two Williams creation.