Tuesday, June 24, 2008

trip to Utah

Near the Great Salt Lake, winter.

I was in Salt Lake City this past weekend for my cousin's wedding. A brief subjective report on the bumper sticker and lawn sign situation in this surprisingly moderate city in the reddest state in the union:

Obama: Too many to count.

Hillary: Three.

Ron Paul: Two.

McCain: 0.

What does this mean? No idea.


crystal said...

I was reading a Mormon blog post (http://www.mormonmentality.org/2008/02/04/hows-the-primary-treating-you.htm) about voting in the primaries and it was surprising how many Mormons were voting as independents or democrats.

Jeff said...

Is that snow?? Freaking SNOW???

Liam said...

Crystal --
Actually, a lot of Mormons who don't live in Utah are a bit less conservative politically.

It is, but I took this photo in January. I haven't uploaded my pictures from the last trip yet.

Garpu said...

Can't be very easy to be a Catholic in Utah...my great-aunt was Mormon, and she has often said that living in Utah was like living in a different country sometimes.

Liam said...


It wasn't easy, but it gave me a healthy suspicion of authority and an understanding of what it's like to be a minority.

cowboyangel said...

Rocky! Tell me he's an Obama supporter...

Liam said...

Rocky's retired from City Hall now, apparently replaced by someone with similar politics but a much more restrained personality. I imagine Rocky would be supporting Obama now, but he seems more like a Kucinich kind of guy to me.

Liam said...

He wrote an op-ed in the Nation supporting Rochardson:

and he also said, "Clinton must be stopped":

tattoofont said...

Wow, I've never thought of myself as a minority before. As a white male I didn't think it possible. But growing up in utah as an atheist, I guess I am. Always wondered what that overbearing "opressed" feeling was.

As far as the political posters go, it makes no difference what sign you put up here. The mormon church tells its members who to vote for and that creates the majority vote period. Most candidates don't even bother campaigning here because it doesn't affect popular oppinion at all.

Liam said...

Hello Tattoo,

Well, we know all the the Utah electoral votes will go to McCain. I think that the lack of signs (of course we are talking about SLV and not Provo or Orem) might be of concern to McCain supporters -- he raises very little enthusiasm among diehard Republicans.