Sunday, May 11, 2008

pentecost, mother's day, confirmation

St. Anne teaching the child Mary to read, from a book of hours.

It's a busy day for celebrations! Happy Mother's Day for all you mothers out there, and happy birthday of the Church for all you Christians out there. Things are even more joyous chez nous, since Filius imperatricis pulcherrimae Africae occidentalis is getting confirmed today. He's taking the name of Augustine for many reasons, but especially because his mother took the name of Monica when she was baptized and confirmed a few years ago. Only recently did I remember that Augustine's father's name was Patricius, that is, Patrick, which was my confirmation name when I received that sacrament so long ago.

Pentecost, from a sixth-century manuscript.


Garpu the Fork said...

Congrats to the Filius! Or would he be the filius-in-law now? ;)

For a very long story I wasn't confirmed until I was in college. I took the name of Hildegard. (natch)

crystal said...

Yes, congrats to Filius :) It's weird - I don't remember confirmation as part of my RCIA class, just baptism. I'd pick Ignatius, I think. btw, did you see the Vatican has a Latin page now?

crystal said...

Oops - here it is.

Liam said...

Garpu -- Hildegard, cool.

Liam said...

That is strange -- When IPAO was baptized and confirmed a few Easters ago, she took Monica.

I saw the Vatican page. I'm surprised they didn't have it before.

Jeff said...

Ditto on the congrats to Filius!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to Romelle, as well.

My confirmation name was Francis Xavier. Anything else in my house would have been unacceptable. Xavier is my middle name as well, so as not to confuse anyone with a reference to the man from Assisi.... Not that there would be anything wrong with that.

cowboyangel said...

I'm so confused. Seems like I congratulated L for his confirmation on and wished R Happy Mother's Day on Facebook or by email or with a Blue Moutnain Card or on my blog . . . . As George Harrison said, "It's all too much."

Any tongues of fire? Maybe the cat?