Friday, March 14, 2008

happy St. Patrick's day?

Liturgically, at least in New York, today is St Patrick's Day. Because of the extremely early date of Easter this year (this what comes from not listening to the Irish at the Synod of Whitby, I'd say), March 17 falls on the Monday of Holy Week. Feast days can't be celebrated during Holy Week, and Patrick is the patron of the Archdiocese of New York, so it was celebrated today. The Mass, that is. The parade is on Monday.

So Happy Liturgical St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

In case anyone's interested, I found an interesting post on TPM that I think clearly addresses the question of Obama's qualifications and really explains well the problem with Geraldine Ferraro's comments.

Also, I need a new laptop. Any advice? I'm looking at Dell.


Fr Chris said...

I just (two days ago) got a Dell XPS for my secular job. I'm running Ubuntu on it, so if you plan to run Windows, YMMV. But I'm liking it so far. The lowest-end Dell laptops are utter junk, but this machine seems well-built and cost about $500 less than a similarly spec'd MacBook Pro.

Liam said...

Hi Father Chris,

I'm looking at the higher end of the lower end -- the Inspiron 1525, but one of the nicer packages. I just need it for internet, documents, mp3s and such -- nothing very fancy. But I want it to last.

Online reviews seem good. I just have no idea how fast a processor or big a hard drive I really need.

Fr Chris said...

For basic stuff, a 1.5 GHz processor or better is probably more than enough, especially if you're sticking with Windows XP. Windows Vista requires a little more oomph, but most of that is only required for the fancy higher-end graphics.

Hard drive space is more subjective. That was one of the reasons for moving up to a new laptop for me, because the 80 GB hard drive in my old one wasn't enough to hold my music collection, Windows drive, etc. But for most who are not space-hogs like me, the lower end of the nice models (usually around 120 GB) should be enough. Especially since external hard drives are cheap these days.

Jeff said...

So what happens to St. Maximilian? Does he just get bumped? Martyred again?

You can see what ethnic group is really running this Church...

Should have seen it coming. Didn't have my corn beef and cabbage ready, never mind my Murphy's stout.

Sláinte, and Happy St. Patrick/Maximilian's Day.

Garpu the Fork said...

Huh. This didn't come through, but we've had rotten luck with dell lately. (Both laptop and desktop.) Every one we've deployed has had to be serviced within 6 months, and Dell warranty repair is pretty awful. (For instance, they'll deliberately drag their feet with it so that the warranty wears out or find some way to pass it off on the end user to avoid it.)

My own laptop is a gateway, which I've been sort of happy with. (I bought it used.) It's running linux and does what I need it to do. I don't know if I'd buy another one new, though.

I think if I had to buy a new laptop, I'd go with these people: (Although I'm not an ubuntu fan.)

My desktop I built myself.

crystal said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Liam.

I actually have a laptop I got a couple of years ago but don't use much because it's hard for me to see the screen. It's a mac - iBook. I think there is no better computer than a mca, so ... :-)

cowboyangel said...

Guess I should've sent my St. Patrick smites the snakes e-card a few days earlier, eh?

My Dell laptop has been okay. I've had it two years now and haven't had any problems. On the other hand, after two desktops and this laptop, I may explore other options in the future. The 2 desktops have been buggy at times.