Friday, July 13, 2007

feast of St Hank

St Henry II, the last of the Ottonians and the only emperor to be declared a saint, being crowned by Christ in a page from an illuminated imperial sacramentary.

As usual, I'm too damn busy to blog, even though so much worth commenting on has come out of the Vatican recently and I still have to respond to Talmida's meme. Fortunately, Crystal has two excellent posts on the motu proprio and the recent CDF document concerning other churches. I direct everyone to her blog.

As for Latin, traditionalists, etc., I direct you to an amusing old post of mine.


cowboyangel said...

The SSPI post is hilarious. Hadn't read that before now.

I still think a Mariachi Mass in Latin would be cool.

With a botafumeiro.

And tequila shots instead of wine.


crystal said...

Nice illustration. Napoleon had to crown himself, but Hank managed to get Jesus to do it - sweet.

Jeff said...

SSPI Facts! :-) I knew Gregory was a Freemason! That explains everything! You need a few more ALL CAPS IN THAT DIATRIBE!!! You know, to go along with your FACTS!!!

That other Hank, Henry V? He doesn't rate a canonizaton for that St. Crispin's Day Speech that Shakespeare put in his mouth at Agincourt?

crystal said...

Liam, I saw this and thought of you - The Blogs Are Alive With the Sound of Underpants at Got Medieval.