Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Feast of Blessed Ramon Llull!

I have been too busy to post lately, but according to the Franciscans at americancatholic.org, today is the Feast of Blessed Ramon Llull (see long post below). Elsewhere I read that his feast day is June 30. Either way, have a Happy Ramon Llull Week!

UPDATE: It seems CowboyAngel at Zone is also in the Ramon Llull Week spirit, and has written an excellent post on the mystical world of thirteenth-century Spain. As a matter of fact, I dare everyone to write on Ramon Llull this week.

It's Ramon Llull Week!


cowboyangel said...

Oh my, what have you started?!?!?

After all this Llull-mania dies down, you realize there will be a Llull lull.

Hmmph, no combinatorial wheels in the American Catholic post. Sissies. I think we need to design some interactive wheels for the internet.

Liam said...

"Llull lull," heh heh.

This page has a program you can download that gives you the interactive wheels.

cowboyangel said...

Right - you had that page in your original post. Once again, my internet non-reading dysfunction strikes.

Sudden image: Clint Eastwood in that gun-metal grey suit, giant magnum pointed in my face: "Go ahead, punk. Write about Llull. I dare you."

How come they don't make movies lilke that?

Garpu the Fork said...

I really need to read more of this guy. So many books...so little time...

crystal said...

Maybe you can get your own cable channel - "All Llull, All the time" :-)

What kind of marital tattoos are we talking about?

cowboyangel said...

It's great to see everyone in the Llull mood. But I'm disappointed that no one wrote about his role in getting rid of the Templars! What's wrong with our society that bloggers so easily pass over the Templars? It's the bloody end of Rome, I tell you.