Thursday, January 18, 2007

Five things you perhaps do not know about me

One thing you didn't know about Emperor Frederick II -- he played basketball (the ball is in his left hand).

It seems that the only thing that will get me off my fat Irish butt and blog is to be tagged for a meme. Talmida hit me with this one. Let's see how many of you know these things (or if you care).

1. I'm getting married. Yes, it's true. I kept planning to make a formal announcement on the blog and I never got around to it. Imperatrix pulcherrima Africae occidentalis and I are tying the knot next October. I proposed to her last September at the Cloisters after an elaborate ruse which successfully aimed at taking her off guard and thus confusing her to the point at which she would say yes.

2. I can play several instruments very badly. Over the course of my life I have taken lessons in piano, trumpet, guitar, saxophone, cello, and accordion (from a Bulgarian in Madrid) -- never at the same time. I have a four-track recorder (now gathering dust at my mother's house) and at one point I recorded songs, accompanying myself on guitar, bass, accordion and percussion (a plastic box of dry lentils -- ker-SHUNK). Alas, my love of music was never matched by my talent.

3. As a child I met John Wayne. He was a friend of a client of my father's, and we met him in central Utah. I may meet men who are taller and men who are fatter, but I will never meet a man as big as John Wayne.

4. When I was fourteen, I wanted to be an actor. My uncle is a playwright and theater has always been in my life. In fourth and fifth grade, I wrote the school play and as a teenager I was acting in plays my uncle produced (for example, we did a fifteen-minute version of Richard III on the city buses). An actor, however, uses his body as an instrument, and I'm afraid I have always been a bit too clumsy to be at ease on stage. The last thing I was in was a bilingual production of The Tempest in Madrid. It was good training for my voice, though, and I do fairly well at public speaking -- lecturing, doing poetry readings, or being a lector at church.

5. I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Okay that's not true... Let me try again.

5. In my past lives, I was an Egyptian pharaoh, a Roman poet, a Templar, and an Elizabethan explorer. Okay, that's not true either. I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did have past lives, odds are I would have been one of the 99.99% of humanity that throughout history spent their time shoveling cow poop.

5. I was briefly married to Mae West. No, that's not true either.

5. I make a mean roast chicken. That is actually true. A very good roast chicken.

Who shall I tag? Well, let's say Jeff, Sandalstaps, Guillaume le Fou, and mi primo.

The engagement ring.


Sandalstraps said...

Nice list.

I acknowledge the tag, and will try to have something up by tomorrow.

crystal said...

First of all, congratulations on your engagement, and nice ring!

Second - that's not a basketball, it's a Faberge egg :-)

Jeff said...

Congratulations, Liam! That's great... It's about bloody-well time. ;-)

Thanks for the tag. I might take me a few days to get to it.

Cheers and congrats.

cowboyangel said...

You're getting MARRIED?!?!?!?!? But you said you loved me! Rotten two-timing bastard. Oh, wait, that's right - we're just "friends."

Actually, I was beginning to suspect something - the way you and IPAO you were holding hands last time, the discreet kisses, the fact that you took her to Salt Lake City for Christmas. Fine. I hope you're both very happy.

We'll always have Grassroots Tavern.

So I learned something about you - you cook a mean roast chicken. Funny, you never cooked roast chicken for me.

I have to disagree: You do have the musical talent. You were just interested in other things. If you had put in 16 hours a day in the woodshed, you could've been a contender. You have a great musical sensibility. I still think your concert in Madrid was wonderful. You always knew how to put together a great mix of songs - yours and others. And nobody does the "Czar's Valet" like you do. Or the Dreamsongs!

BTW, this reminds me - you need to transfer your box set to CD.

Nice engagement watch. Couldn't you have gotten in a little closer on the ring?! It looks interesting.

Despite my broken heart, I'll try my best to do this meme.

Liam said...

Thank you, everyone. I am looking forard to your memes.

William -- No one has ever supported me with my music as much as you and la Reina -- actually I think no one else has really liked my music. That's all right, it gives me a fan base about the size of that of the Velevet Underground when they were still together.

Crystal -- you may be right about Frederick II. I guess I was thrown off by the fact that he was a power forward on the 1225 all-emperors team. I also know that he was a pinch-hitter for the Sicily Tigers and that he is holding a medieval baseball bat in his right hand.

I want everyone who comes by this site to give there guess about what Frederick is holding in his left hand.

Talmida said...

Oooo, nice ring!

Is Fred holding someone's decapitated head?

Thanks for doing this, loved the #5s. Also think it's very cool that you're a musician manque (if that's the right expression).

I have a guitar, a mandoline, 2 pennywhistles. Every year after folk fest I pick them up, relearn them, get to the same point about mid-October, adn put them down again. I'd love to get a button accordion to add to the collection.

I am a dilettante (in the kinder sense of the word), and proud of it!

crystal said...

So I get two more guesses? On further inspection, I think Fred's holding up the royal Blackberry ... or ... it might be a bowling ball - check out the shoes :-)

cowboyangel said...

That sure looks like a football to me. Look at the way Fred's holding it - he's getting ready to throw a pass! And there are 2 teams, with too many people for basketball. That looks like a sandlot football game, and Fred's probably playing quarterback for both teams. We used to do that sometimes.

If not a football, then an early version of the Magic 8 Ball. He's probably just asked if he should invade Constantinople, and the Magic 8 Ball said "Reply hazy, try again."

I also like the Faberge egg. Very good, Crystal.

crystal said...

Liam, off the subject, but have you seen this Nick Cave YouTube? Saw it on another blog.

Liam said...

William -- it could well be a football, and I don't know who would have enough huevos to play quaterback against Frederick II, unless Pope Innocent III was around.

Crystal -- Very possibly bowling.
As far as Nick Cave goes, I have seen that before. I love the song and the video is really powerful. Did you like it?

crystal said...

Just watched it - i haven't seen/heard him before. It is powerful and kind of disturbing :-)

KcM said...

Congrats! (or is it best wishes? I always screw this up.) I hadn't heard the happy news. Best of luck to you both! :)

Liam said...

Thanks, Kevin!