Tuesday, October 31, 2006

grumpiness and politics

Today is the feast of St Wolfgang of Regensburg. That has little to do with what I plan to say, but the fifteenth-century painting of St Wolfgang and the devil by Michael Pacher is very cool.

I am too busy to write much and will be grumpy until election day. Just to continue with what I wrote in the last post, this "op-art" from the New York Times chronicles a number of election problems across the country. Make sure to click on the graphic. Meanwhile Hendrik Herzberg in the New Yorker, in addition to providing a scathing and correct evaluation of the Bush administration, explains some reasons why it is so difficult for massive discontent with the Republican congress to be transformed into something that is not a Republican congress.

Also, the Times reported that the interior department is not pursuing Chevron for undercharging the US government (i.e., taxpayers, i.e., us) millions for offshore natural gas production at a time in which we have troops in a war zone and the deficit is skyrocketing. You'd thing we had unscrupulous oilmen in the White House and a congress that plays dead. I wonder if we can change at least one part of that equation sometime in the next week or so.

Grump grump grump.


cowboyangel said...

What a grump! :-)

I clicked on the NYT graphic and nothing happened. It just got bigger. Is it supposed to move? I tried clicking on the numbers but nada. What am I missing?

Thanks for explaining the painting. I thought for a moment it was Bush and Cheney.

Liam said...

If you scroll down, it shows what the numbers represent.

I know the figure on the left is St Wolfgang, but the figure on the right might well be Bush and Cheney. It's up to you to decide which end is who.

crystal said...

Nice painting and interesting nether regions on satan - they say it's not easy to be green :-)

cowboyangel said...

Scroll down!?!?!? You didn't say anything about scrolling down!!! Damn it, man, these incredibly complex high-tech gizmos are hard enough to manipulate without getting INCOMPLETE instructions. Why not just stick me into a space capsule like that Russian dog and shoot me into space without a manual?

This is why they should never have gotten rid of 8-tracks and LPs.

Liam said...

"And she's building..."

Fade to silence...


Fade back to sound...

"...to heaven."