Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More Links

The church of San Juan de los Reyes in Toledo, Spain. Nearby is a shop that sells exquisite pate. On the side of the church are chains that held prisoners captured by the Muslims of Granada and freed by Isabel and Fernando. These chains have links.

There are some links I've been meaning to add to my list for some time now, but that means using HTML before which I, a primitive, fall to the ground, weak and trembling. I finally screwed my courage to the sticking point and there they are.

Sandlestraps' Sanctuary is a thoughtful blog written by Chris, a Methodist ex-minister who takes the time to write reasoned, intelligent posts on questions of theology, spirituality, fatherhood, and other issues that strike his interest. Very worth reading, especially since Chris is so thorough--it's so different from my busy hit and run blogging. Perspective is the work of Crystal, a Catholic convert who graces us with her great insights on spirituality, movies, books, and other good things. She also posts her own creative writing.

For more creative writing, check out The Outline of a House, a blog on which a friend and fellow poet, C. A. Liebow, posts his great poetry.

I'm also linking to the blogs of two fellow Columbia history grad students, Ted's The Late Adopter, and Kevin's Ghost in the Machine. They both study the United States, a country founded some centuries after history stops being interesting (at least for me). Kevin blogs with great energy about politics, movies, basketball, and other vital issues. Ted culls pregnant quotes from all over the place and presents them with classical simplicity.

All very good reading, indeed.


crystal said...

Liam, thanks for the mention. I'm looking forward to checking out the other blogs you listed.

Tyler Simons said...

I second the recommendation to Sandalstraps. I wish I had his patience and humility. He's pretty inspiring to me.

Sandalstraps said...