Saturday, February 18, 2006


The chains of St Peter in the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome. These chains have links.

I have refabbed my list of links in the sidebar. I will eventually add more, but it involves using html, which scares me, invokes nightmares, and requires a large amount of Bourbon afterwards. The sites I have linked to are worth it.

Of course, there's my homepage, which has some of my creative writing, both serious and goofy (the Fragmentary Writings of the Pseudo-Liam fall into the last category), as well as links to journals that have published my poetry. Some of the new links I have added are: Talmida's blog, which she uses to share some great insights she has had as a result of her study of Biblical Hebrew; the blogs of Tyler and Andrew, both of whom have dropped comments on my posts and who have similar feelings about their own Episcopal and Jewish traditions; and Catholicism, holiness, and spirituality, a "moderate, Jesuit-flavored blog," which I like both because of Steve's thoughtful posts and the quality of many of the comments -- even those I disagree with present their ideas respectfully and intelligently.

The ones that were here before: Fayrouz's blog, with the interesting perspective of an Iraqi Catholic living in the U.S.; my cousin's blog, featuring both his insight and his uncanny ability to find the oddest things on the net, William's blog which we all hope he will continue someday (please leave comments telling him to get blogging again); and the St Blog's Parish directory of Catholic blogs.

I will add more bit by bit--there are a lot of great blogs out there to be recommended. Happy reading, fellow travelers.


Talmida said...

Thanks, Liam! :)

Liam said...

You are most welcome, Talmida.

Tyler Simons said...

I, too, thank you kindly.

By the way, aside from the fact that I agree with you most of the time (aside from the whole cartoon thing) I love the way you use images. No one else does it like that. Keep it up.

Liam said...

Thanks, Tyler. I'm glad you like the images, I have fun doing that part.

lullaby said...

che, thanks for the shout out!