Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Beatus and Katrina

More from the Beatus of Liebana. This illumination is, of course, the four riders that appear with the opening of the first four seals in the Book of Revelations. I believe this is from the manuscript that King Fernando I and Queen Sancha of Leon gave to the Church of San Isidoro in the 1040's.

I apologize for the very silly previous post. The truth is that I needed to break the ice again and post something. The hurricane and especially its aftermath took over my attention completely. The horror and rage I felt following the news the week after it hit New Orleans seemed to demand expression, but what could I say that wasn't already being shouted from the rooftops? The lack of response, the exceedingly callous behavior of Bush and his administration, the terrible result of appointing incompetent and unqualified toadies to important positions, the lack of foresight and long-term funding in addressing the Damocles' sword over the city of New Orleans, the National Guardsmen in Iraq, the exposure of how deadly the racial and class divide is in this country, the sick irony of an administration that people voted for out of fear failing to protect them from disaster... And I could go on. Global warming, etc. It was too horrible. I guess now we have to see how the thing settles. Have we learned anything? Should we, perhaps, pay more attention to making government work rather than cutting its funding?

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and i apologize for my very silly comment; but i had to stick with the beavus thread. . .