Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pat Robertson, etc.

This is a twelfth-century representation of Satan from the church at Conques, France. Why? Mainly because I just don't want a picture of Pat Robertson on my blog. Not even a funny one that makes him look bad. Not even a doctored one that gives him wee horns and a mustache. I just don't want to see him here. Now, I'm not equating Satan and Pat Robertson, but...

It’s also de trop to write about him. It’s all over the place. He’s a parody of the right-wing “Christian” preacher who threatens hurricanes, advocates assassination, and prays for Supreme Court justices to drop dead. The question is what, at this point, does it all mean? Is his apology a sign of weakness? Is the White House’s refusal to condemn it a sign of how influential the lunatic fringe of the evangelical right still is? Is Pat Robertson really just a fringe? Does he have the million viewers he claims? Or more? Can someone explain to me how anyone can find this gilipollas anything but absurd and despicable?


lullaby said...

no, i can't.
that's why it's so damned absurd and dispicable! there's no telling how in hell this man has any influence.

Fayrouz said...

Thank you for the good "morning" laugh.

I never knew who he was until he made his crazy statement a few weeks ago. I moved to America few years ago. So, I missed most of his stupid statement. Now, I know him very well.